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Fabrics & Haberdashery


If you are looking for zips, lace, buttons, needles, cotton and all kinds of elements important in sewing we will probably have it.


Our large variety of haberdashery is popular for many clients who come seeking an item to complete their project.


Pins, thimbles, press studs, ribbons and measuring tape ... if you want it – we have it.


Whether you are looking for some pretty pastel cotton material to make up a blouse or seeking some colourful patterned fleece material to make up a child’s woolly tracksuit we have a large range of fabrics to suit your needs.


From satin to silk, to linen and chiffon we have a wide variety of commonly used fabrics that are used to make up clothing. We also have a large range of fabrics more suited to home furnishings and upholstery. Our stock comes and goes and we can order in especially from the big South African textile manufactures.


We know many people like to use offcuts for various home projects such as quilting and crafts so we sell these sundry bits by weight. We also have offcuts of shwe shwe and other upholstery fabrics.


Our warehouse has lots of space and we try and offer a wide range of fabric for everyone’s tastes.